About this Blog

This blog is for those of us who completed Form 5 at Raimondi College in 1969 and a few others who would have been in the same class had they not left Hong Kong a little earlier.

Those days now seem a lifetime away but we all know fragments of our past can come rushing back, leaving us with the feeling that they occurred only yesterday.

There is something special about graduating together from secondary school. For many of us, it was a much leaner and simpler time when we knew how to make the most of what little we had.

It was also a time when we first learned, as teenagers, the value of true friends bonded by common interests and genuine camaraderie. We came of age together and were in sync with one another.  Lifelong friendships blossom under such conditions. We shared a time when all the world seemed an oyster waiting to be opened for the pearl inside.

With this blog, we would like to preserve those precious moments that made us laugh or cry, or simply woke us up to the immensity of life.

We invite you to send in images and words – in English or Chinese – about your achievements and adventures. Look at this blog as a casual place for reminiscing and sharing about the cherished past, the wonderful present and the promising future.

We have a “reunion” section featuring the social occasions that bring us together again after so many years. This section started in 2018 with various events associated with the 60th anniversary of Raimondi College. In 2019, there were lots more to write about as we we celebrated the 50th anniversary of our graduation from Form 5.

We will help you tell your stories in your own words, at your own pace. Let us know when you want to submit material for posting. One of the editors listed below will work with you to get your post published in the blog.

We will stay away from politics and religion.

Furthermore, offensive or libellous material has no place in this blog, which is intended for you to enjoy.

Looking forward to your stories and images.


  • Lawrence Lee
  • Paul Loong
  • Joseph Lynn



When we started this blog, we used a basic WordPress.com account that was free of charge. We had no say over what advertisements would appear. As our blog grew, the advertisements became somewhat intrusive and distracting.

We decided in 2019 to get a paid WordPress account that would keep our blog free of outside advertisements. The annual subscription cost is $48 Canadian. Paul Loong has paid this amount.

In addition, we have registered a unique domain name, http://raimondi69.blog, that is free of charge for the first year.

From April 2020, the registration fee for the domain name will be $29.15 Canadian per year. Together with the subscription fee of $48, the annual cost of running this blog was $77.15 Canadian. This amount will increase with inflation in subsequent years.

Using funds made available by classmates, Paul Loong has been paying the annual domain name registration and WordPress subscription. Receipts are available on request.

The following amounts were made available to pay for the blog:

Joseph Lynn donated $50 in 2019 for the 2020 subscription.

Paul Loong donated $210 in 2019, representing 50% of book sales to Raimondians.

James Wong contributed $232 in surplus from the July 7, 2019, dinner.

Humphrey Chiu contributed $130 from the Nov. 2, 2019, reunion in Hong Kong.