Raimondians worldwide chat with RAA as New Year begins

The New Year got off to a promising start when representatives of the Raimondi Alumni Association reached out to old boys scattered around the globe.

James H.G. Wong 黄漢根, who has stayed in touch with many Raimondian schoolmates over the years, explained: “Raimondi Alumni Association (RAA) would like to establish a strong connection with as many RC Alumni groups as possible, both with overseas and local (Hong Kong) alumni.”

A Zoom meeting on the topic “2022 Global Raimondians Update” took place Jan. 16, 2022, Hong Kong time.

The getting-to-know-you pilot session was attended by about two dozen Raimondians who logged in across many time zones from a long list of cities including Sydney, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto – in addition to Hong Kong.

As it was not an official RAA event, the conversation was casual and free flowing. Participants warmly applauded the friendliness of the virtual gathering.  Here is a sample of their responses:

While looking forward to future get-togethers, the meeting has already brought everyone closer in one convenient way.

This Class of 1969 blog has been added to the RAA website, which also has a blog that focuses on Global Alumni.

You can view it at this link:  https://www.raimondialumni.hk/global-alumni