The Profound Argument

A recollection from family holiday in Cairns


Gabriel Lam new combo

Raimondi P2 to F5A (1959 – 1969)


ProfoundThis photo was taken by the younger Dr Lam on 16 June, 2018, on Green Island, Cairns, Australia, who wrote on it: “Proudly presents this wonderful crazy couple, not so romantic (the photo can speak for itself), sometimes arguing with each other over small things, and has brought a crazy girl to life. The best harmony is not without arguments, but arguments with harmony. They are the best parents ever!”

After having read the writing of the younger Dr Lam, the older Dr Lam gazed at the photo and recognized a conversation that sounded familiar:

“I have now explained them all profoundly, can you get the point?”

“No, I don’t understand.”

“How can I make you understand me fully?”

“Never, for you just don’t understand ‘profound-less’.”

“Aye, you are among the least likely to understand me. But I know you are the most willing to try to understand me.”

“Yes. Do you always try your best to understand me too?”

“Yes I do, but I often fail to understand you too. So we make a good pair despite constant arguments.”

“Indeed! Oh, where are you taking me to?”

“Not sure! Honestly, I don’t understand myself fully. Will you still like to come with me?”

“It’s your company that matters most. Not to ask anymore, let’s go!”

“Yea, your company is the most important. Life’s not for results anyway. Let there be arguments on the way yet we’ll continue to sing. As we stroll along together … (singing to the tune of So Much in Love )

“Hey, we are leaving her behind!”

“She’s not left behind but just constantly moving to find her best spot all by herself. She’s an independent Dr Lam now. But at this very moment, she might just be doing something funny behind our back. No worries, let’s sing again …. “

June 2018