Summer Delight in Brockville

Brockville Cropped
David Ho Moon Wing (2nd left) with the author (3rd left) and other visiting Old Boys in Brockville, Ont.

James Wong

By James Hon Kun Wong

David Ho Moon Wing 何滿榮, who graduated from Raimondi College in 1972, now lives in Brockville, in the beautiful Thousand Islands district in Ontario, Canada.

He has been an enthusiastic supporter of our RC Old Boys events. Time and again, he took the trouble of travelling more than 300 kilometres on the bus to join our Old Boys gatherings in Toronto.

David has also generously welcomed visitors to his hometown and showed them his wonderful, peaceful, and natural region of Canada.

Thousand Islands at Sunset. By Moondigger CC BY-SA 2.5  ( from Wikimedia Commons

In the summer of 2018, David played host twice to RC Old Boys. The first time was in June to welcome Edwin Yuen Hon Ming袁漢明 (1970) from Hong Kong and Richard Yuan原瑜人 (1969) from Los Angeles. I couldn’t make it and was very disappointed, as I had wanted to join one of these visits for quite a few years.

To my surprise, David and our Toronto Old Boys organized another special trip to Brockville in August for Chan Kwok Chung陳國驄 (1970) from Hong Kong, Geoffrey Liu Kwok Kuan廖國權  (1968) and me. Geoffrey and I had both travelled from Edmonton to Toronto for the RC60 Anniversary Dinner. The side trip to Brockville was just terrific. It was my dream came true!

The three of us would like to thank David and the Toronto Old Boys who accompanied us on those wonderful days in Brockville. I love being a Raimondian!

See the caption below for everyone’s name:

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