Life After Raimondi

Photo © Paul Loong

By James Hon Kun Wong

James Wong

Thanks to Alfred Wong (黃皮) for showing earnest interest in knowing how his old RC buddies have been doing in the past 50 years. Let’s start a new section in our blog called “Life After Raimondi” so that everyone can put in a short piece about his life, career and family since leaving Raimondi.

The chart here will list contributors alphabetically by name and provide a summary of their career.


Chart 1

Chart 2

Complete articles in Chinese or English may be sent to the editors of this blog. You do not have to be an outstanding writer. The blog editors will work with you to turn your writing into a professional-quality piece for posting on the blog.

A few photos will be wonderful too.

Use WhatsApp to tell us you want to post something about yourself. One of our editors will contact you via email. Another way to reach us is to click on “Contact” next to the “Home” button under the cover photo. It opens up to let you leave us your email address and a message.