Constancy and Courage

We wore the Raimondi badge on our shirt pocket every day in primary and secondary school, but what do those Latin words mean?

The question might have never crossed our mind. Or if it did, it could have been quickly forgotten before we even learned the answer.

Talk about the callousness of youth!

Well, we are older now but are we wiser? How many of us know our school motto? Does it amount to anything at all?

Quite by accident, I stumbled upon what Father Carra had to say on the subject as I was browsing through an old copy of the school magazine, The Raimondian. The following passages came from his Year’s Report delivered on Speech Day, Dec. 9, 1969:

“In Constantia Fortitudo – In Constancy, Strength – our choice of this motto which is spelled out on our school badge was dictated in part by the qualities of perseverance and courage that best typify the man after whom this College was named: Monsignor Timoleone Raimondi, the first Catholic Bishop of Hong Kong …

“His efforts in expanding Catholic education were always plagued by lack of funds, lack of lay and religious teachers, and, at times, government indifference. But he kept plugging on and succeeded in overcoming all these difficulties. In constancy, strength.”

“In our own humble way, we in Raimondi College are doing what we can to inculcate this very same quality of constancy, of perseverance among our pupils. For, under our present educational system in Hong Kong which is highly selective and competitive, there is no place for the pupil who takes it easy or is easily discouraged.”

Constancy and courage. Do these characteristics give us purpose and direction? Latin or no Latin, has the school motto made an impact on our lives?

If you have a thought on this, please use the comment box at the bottom to share it with us.

In Constantia Fortitudo

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